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Welcome to our Website

We'd like to welcome you to our newly redesigned website. Our site represents our commitment to informing, connecting, and engaging with our family. We've been hard at work on the new site and hope that your find, your experience with it are both userfriendly and enjoyable. The site has been designed to be lively and dynamic, and, most of all, to give our visitors the information they need-easily and quickly.

You may notice that we've given our site a bit of a facelift. In addition to general sprucing-up , we've added a couple of new features. We've also added offered courses names , so you can browse lists of courses and findout what is appropriate for you.

The website structure is more organized now and you can go any page easily. Our goal with the redesign of our website was to make the information that we give to you easier to find and more timely.

We encourage you to explore the new site , although much has changed , all of the resources that we have created over the years are still part of the site.

Surf around our website and soon you'll be " feeling right at home " not only with BIJEM but with our new website as well.

If you have any feedback on the site, email us at